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The Primary Mathematics Toolkit provides practical support for teachers in building rich mathematical learning experiences for children. The components of the toolkit are mathematical concepts, progression continua, support materials and examples of children’s learning.

Mathematical concepts  

Mathematical concepts are considered key ideas that underpin each Learning Outcome. These key ideas may provide useful entry and reference points in relation to planning, teaching and assessment and may serve to remind teachers of key mathematical knowledge at each stage. They are presented according to stages 1 to 4 and link with the corresponding Learning Outcomes.

Algebra: Patterns, rules and relationships

Algebra: Expressions and equations

Data and chance: Data

Data and chance: Chance

Measures: Measuring

Measures: Time

Measures: Money

Number: Uses of number

Number: Numeration and counting

Number: Place value and base ten

Number: Sets and operations

Number: Fractions

Shape and space: Spatial awareness and location

Shape and space: Shape

Shape and space: Transformation

Examples of children's mathematical learning  

Work on the development of video examples of children's learning with the new curriculum has begun. These examples will exemplify playful and engaging learning experiences and demonstrate good pedagogical practices as children work towards Learning Outcomes.