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The Primary Curriculum Framework

For Primary and Special Schools

The Primary Curriculum Framework forms the basis for high-quality learning, teaching, and assessment for all children attending primary and special schools. It reflects our shared understanding of, and trust in, the many positive features of education in our primary and special schools while providing the blueprint for guiding the enhancement of primary and special education for the coming years.

The framework:

  • builds on the successes and strengths of previous curricula while recognising and responding to challenges, changing needs, and priorities
  • provides agency and flexibility in schools
  • makes connections with what and how children learn in preschool, primary, special, and post-primary schools
  • identifies and responds to emerging priorities for children’s learning
  • changes how the curriculum is structured and presented
  • supports a variety of pedagogical approaches and strategies with assessment central to learning and teaching.

The video resources below have been developed to support teachers and school leaders to become familiar with the contents of the framework.


Video resources