LCCS Computer Science
Programming Concept 4. Conditionals
Scaffolding a Drop and Catch game on the microbit

Computational Thinking with a microbit

CT Level 0 Challenge :
Write code, using variables, to simulate a raindrop.     
View the code behind the simulation. Note the variable names.     

CT Level 1 Challenge :
Write a program to simulate a raindrop dropping in the centre every second.     
When it reaches the bottom of the screen, it must return to the top.     

CT Level 2 Challenge :
Include a Catcher on the bottom row, controlled using the A and B buttons.     
The Raindrop and Catcher do not interact at this level     

CT Level 3 Challenge :
If the user catches the raindrop, game over and happy face.     
If the raindrop gets through, then fall from the top but slower.     

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