(iii) Development and Publication

Where can I find out about the research that underpins the Primary Language Curriculum?  

Three research reports underpin the development of the Primary Language Curriculum. Two of the reports focus on oral language and literacy for children aged 3-8 years (Shiel et al, 2012; Kennedy et al, 2012). A third report discusses an integrated language curriculum for children aged 3-12 years (Kennedy et al, 2012). These full reports and their executive summaries (NCCA, 2012) and podcasts are published on the review and research webpage at www.ncca.ie/primarylanguage along with other research and development publications relevant to primary language. A report of the consultation in 2014 on a draft version of the Primary Language Curriculum is also published at www.ncca.ie/primarylanguage.

Where is the Primary Language Curriculum published?  

The Primary Language Curriculum and Primary Language Toolkit are available online at: www.curriculumonline.ie. The Primary Language Toolkit includes Support Material for teachers to guide their language planning and teaching and Examples of children’s language learning. The first five sections of the curriculum (Introduction, Rationale, Aims, Strands and elements and Planning, teaching and assessing for learning) are for teachers of children in all eight primary years. Section 6; English and Irish: Stages 1 and 2, are for teachers of children in the junior primary years.