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Consultation on updated junior cycle SPHE curriculum is now open

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Illustration of a woman showing personal wellbeing by hugging her reflection

This 100 hour SPHE short course builds on the Junior Cycle Social, Personal and Health Education Framework which SPHE teachers currently use to plan their SPHE programme in junior cycle.   By choosing to include this short course in the school’s Wellbeing programme in junior cycle, students have a dedicated space and time to learn about themselves, caring for themselves and others and making informed decisions for their health and wellbeing. 

There are four strands, each one focusing on learning in different but related areas of social, personal and health education: Who am I?, Minding myself and others, Team up, and My mental health.  The learning outcomes provide a clear focus for student learning as well as teacher planning.  There is particular emphasis on the importance of student agency and engagement in the learning process as key to learning in the affective domain.

Wellbeing in junior cycle is about young people feeling confident, happy, healthy ad connected.   The short course in SPHE provides learning opportunities which will help to develop these attributes thereby contributing significantly to the school’s wellbeing programme in junior cycle.

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View Specification PDF

View Specification PDF