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Welcome to Junior Cycle English.
The curriculum sets out clear expectations for students, across the three integrated strands of oral language, reading and writing. To access the curriculum specification, assessment guidelines, and examples of student work click on the graphic.
SLAR meetings - to view a review meeting in action, click here and log in. For assessment task archive, click here.

Junior Cycle English text list: 

Student cohort 2018 - 2023 text list with suggested texts for first year here, circular here.

First year student cohort 2021, 2022 and 2023, indicative text list is now available here.

The prescribed text list for second and third years (2022-2024, 2023-2025, 2024-2026) is available here.

To suggest a novel, drama text or film for Junior Cycle English, click here.

Junior Cycle English review:

Review of the early enactment of Junior Cycle English (2018) is available here. Summary of minor amendments to the specification (2018) is available here

Report on the review of the enactment of Junior Cycle English (2020) is available here.

View Specification PDF

View Specification PDF

View Specification PDF

Oral communication CBA - some early insights

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