Support Materials Primary School

Teachers use play across the curriculum in junior and senior infant classrooms. The videos and tipsheets on this page give suggestions for planning and organising your classroom and show examples of teaching and learning through play.

Play Pedagogy  

  • Play in primary school with a subject based curriculum 

Helping young children to develop positive learning dispostions tipsheet

Talking and thinking together tipsheet

  • Describing progression in play for children aged 4-8 years

Childrens schema's tipsheet

  • Appropriate learning experiences for children age 4-8 years 

Supporting children to become bilingual tipsheet

Enhancing language tipsheet

  • Key messages for teachers of children aged 4-8 years 

  • Planning an appropriate curriculum for 4-8 year olds 
  • A good national curriculum for children aged 4-8 years 

Using open ended materials tipsheet

Suggested picturebook tipsheet

Creating a 'ready' classroom  

  • Ensuring children have regular breaks in junior infants 

  • Providing opportunties for meaningful art experiences in junior infants 

  • Using play-based pedagogies 

  • Using more play-based pedagogies in a special school 

  • Using experiential learning in junior infants 

  • A principals experience of using Aistear and play-based pedagogies 

Supports for parents/gurdians  

A number of tipsheets have been produced in 8 different languages to support parents/guardians in their childrens play. They are available here 


Helping your child to read and write tipsheet

Helping your child with Maths tipsheet

Learning about measure tipsheet

Introducing Irish tipsheet


  • Supporting learning and development of children aged 4-8 years. Key messages for parents