Junior Cycle Science

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New features of this specification include learning outcomes across the unifying strand, Nature of science, and the four contextual strands: Physical world, Chemical world, Biological world and Earth and space.

There is a new focus given to the Nature of science which aims to promote greater engagement and thinking about how science works; carrying out investigations, communicating in science, and the role and contribution of science and scientists to society. There are also new assessments which offers students a chance to demonstrate their achievement as creators of scientific research reports.

Teachers, students and parents will be able to check progress by logging in to samples of student work where they will see the range of annotated examples of work that students in junior cycle Science create and see the learning outcomes in action.

Science Syllabus Pre-September 2016 (2003 Syllabus) 

Guidelines for Teachers Pre-September 2016 (2003 Syllabus)



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